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Client Name Asim Zeeshan
Date Jun 27, 2016
Overall Testimonial Amazing prices, awesome service and friendly support. Winning combination
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Client Name Aleksandr Milewski
Date Dec 24, 2012
Overall Testimonial New customer, and I could not be happier. Does what it says on the tin, friendly and competent customer service, and you can't beat the price.
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Client Name Welly Salim
Date Sep 12, 2012
Overall Testimonial I am very happy with the servers, they are high quality, no down time so far, responsive customer services :)
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Client Name Josh Klar
Date Jul 23, 2012
Overall Testimonial I really have to respect OnePound for having some amazing customer support. Fast, knowledgable and easy to work with. Rest assured I'll be sticking around as a customer for the forseeable future. Thanks a ton!
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Client Name Derek Cowan
Date May 05, 2012
Overall Testimonial I have to say the service has been fantastic. Super quick support from the team has enabled me to quickly set up multiple domains on my super fast dedicated server. Having experienced a few competitors there is no comparison with one pound web hosting.
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