We wanted to let you know that we are having customers report that they are having problems sending or forwarding their Email to mail accounts.

In researching this further we have found that Yahoo! has made some changes to their mail systems to help reduce the amount of spam sent to their customers.

The result is that any mail sent from your domain to a email address may be "temporarily deferred." This means that they will not accept the message on the first or second try, etc. Our email system will automatically attempt to resend your messages for up to 5 (five) days before finally giving up, so your messages to recepients should eventually get through.

Anytime a message becomes undeliverable after 24 hours, our system will automatically notify you about the delay providing you with any details that we have available to us as to why the message has not been delivered. The system will continue to retry sending your message and you may receive multiple delay notifications each day the message is undeliverable.

We too make every effort to eliminate spam sent to you, and we can surely appreciate one of the largest Email providers' efforts to reduce spam to their customers. We have made every effort possible to insure that your accounts are configured properly and that your electronic mail is delivered promptly. At this point, there is not much we can do as a hosting service to get around Yahoo!'s anti-spam efforts.

What can you do?

If you are a customer and are unable to receive mail from your domain to your account, you can contact Yahoo! directly via their customer support link ( to request further assistance.

If you are not a Yahoo! customer, you may wish to consider having your domain "white-listed" with Yahoo!. A "white list" is a method of listing known and trusted domains where Yahoo! has verified and confirmed are not bulk emailers or known spammers.

To apply for Yahoo! Whitelisting, follow this link

If you send bulk email from your domain on a regular basis you should also consider using one of the many 3rd party bulk email solutions available. This will help insure that your messages are properly identified and distributed as bulk or advertising and prevent your domain from being unfairly black-listed as a known source for spam.

IMPORTANT! At this time, we do NOT recommended that you forward your Email to a address. By forwarding all messages directly to Yahoo!, you will also be forwarding any unsolicited Email (SPAM) with your domain identified improperly as the source of the spam. This may result in Yahoo! classifying any mail from your domain as a source of spam or further black-listing your domain's Email entirely.

Other links that may be of help when sending email to

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Related error messages:

421 Message temporarily deferred - 4.16.51. Please refer to

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