(Resolved) Hollie Issues.

(Resolved)31-08-2013Hollie Node is having issues, looking into it now.**Appears to be some disk errors which caused the sudden high load on the node and resulting hard crash.I have rebooted it successfully, however am doing some updates and disk checks which will result in one further reboot and then hopefully everything should be back to ... Read More »

31st Aug 2013
XEN HVM ISO's Updated


Latest ISO revisions of exsisting ISO's and a few extras have been added to our HVM Xen VPS Range.

Full range of ISO's available are here https://www.onepoundwebhosting.co.uk/xen-hvm.php

30th Aug 2013
Widget Hosting Issues

(Resolved)Widget-Hosting is experiencing some issues. 18:00 GMT  (06/08/2013)Trying to resolve now.**Update 18:10Appears widget hosting has gone read only with disk errors.Trying to fix now.**** Update 18:30This appears to be fixed now.The disk had become corrupted and gone read only.Managed to perform a fsck disk check repair, this ... Read More »

6th Aug 2013