VPS migrations from Skyler to Magoo node have been put on hold for a few days.
It looks like the new raid card (LSI 9271-8i) will need to be swapped out and RMA'd back to LSI.
It has started dropping the SSD cache drives, replacement cables, SSD's have all been swapped but the problem persists.

Is unfortunate that this did not show itself during the week of stress testing the server, but at present only 6 clients have been transferred so the impact of bringing the server down when the replacement arrives next week whilst unfortunate could have been worse if more clients had been transferred.

I will send a new migration email to the clients still on Skyler node next week and will email the clients on the new Magoo with a Maintenance time next week when the new card arrives.


@ 4:00AM GMT
Raid card on Magoo dropped 2 SSD's resulting in a lockup, server was quickly rebooted (was already at DC).
Quite annoyed about this issue and for the 5 clients that have moved so far.
I will be migrating them off to other SSD nodes shortly

@6:00AM GMT
The five clients have been migrated off onto Faith Node an existing stable SSD cached node.

Friday, October 25, 2013

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